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IBS or Industrialized Building System

Like all other sectors, the construction industry is not immune to the overall downward pressures on the economy. However, we are fortunate as focus on infrastructure development in the 11th Malaysia Plan means that the sector will continue to enjoy the strongest support from the government.

Hai-Point IBS Wall Frame System provides various type of design ideal for residential houses and commercial building. Hai-Point IBS Wall Frame designed using the latest construction technology that delivers greater result for overall building. Steel wall frame system able to enhance the efficiency of the project not only the construction’s speed but also reduce overall cost through material saving during the construction process. Comparing it with the conventional construction method, a steel wall frame system is less labor intensive which also implies less work defect. Nevertheless, steel wall frame system offers flexibility to design such as to achieve energy efficiency, greater acoustic performance, and also a seismic design of the building structures.


  1. Overcome sites limitation with confined or restricted access
  2. Minimal labour and equipment needed
  3. Capable for complex projects where a high degree of quality and control is needed
  4. Suitable for projects with strict timelines
  5. Cost efficiency
  6. Environmental friendly


  • Customizable thermal conductivity
  • Fire Rated
  • CIDB Industrialised Building System (IBS) certified
  • Load bearing and non-load bearing wall

Hai Point Wall Frame System is designed using advanced engineering software system which the fastest way to build strong, durable steel framed building.

  • Our engineering software makes real-time engineering calculations as the designs are
    created, analyzing loads, deflections and other forces
  • Integrated with roll forming machine
  • Heavy duty manufacturing equipment is engineered for fast, high volume production for
    cold form steel framing, with accuracy that is determined by the system, not by human
    being. All components are produced to an accuracy less than +/-0.5mm ensuring steel framing
    is precise thus resulting in straight walls, square corner and high level of interior finish
  • Value Engineering, the software incorporates light gauge steel building codes and will output
    calculations as required.

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